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Who am I?

Since graduating university with a First Class BA Hons in Music Theatre, I’ve been singing professionally all around the UK in various bands, shows and venues, as well as teaching singing to groups in many performing arts schools across the North West.

After making performing and music my full-time profession, I decided that I wanted to set up my own vocal coaching business and teach 1-1 singing lessons from my home to all ages.

Since opening Gabrielle Zanobini Vocal Coach in 2018, my business has grown, as well as my knowledge, passion and experience of the voice, performing and music.
Over the years, I have worked hard to continue my research and practice into the voice by taking various courses, including a Vocal Health First Aid training course. I'm proud to say I am now Vocal Health First Aid trained and your first port of call for any vocal issues/concerns where I can offer immediate advice and/or refer onto a specialist for help.


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